History of the Earth Part 6

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Name of ice sheet that covered Hamilton 20 000 years ago
immense herbivore saurischia
length of glacial/interglacial cycles 1 million years ago (use numerals, spaces instead of commas)
name of one of the oldest known dinosaurs, it was a flesh eater
these formed when hard Cambrian limestone was thrust over softer Mesozoic rocks
cold currents that developed around Antarctica during the late Eocene
length of glacial/interglacial cycles 3 million years ago (use numerals, spaces instead of commas)
formed when North America drifted west and bumped into volcanic islands, hotspots and microcontinents during the break up of pangea
agile, small, bipedal dinosaurs
name of land bridge that developed during the cenozoic
this type of geologic structure forms traps for oil and gas
term: axis of rotation of the earth moves in a ciricle
rder that evolved from thecodonts, name means 'bird hipped'
environment that has tills and drumlines
River that crossed Canada during the Cenozoic period
ocean formed when laurasia and gondwana separated
order that evolved from thecodonts, name means 'lizard hipped'
term: changes in the angle of earth's spin axis
these organisms are used to reconstruct past climates because they record oxygen isotope composition of ocean water
formed between fold and thrust belts on the Western margin of North America and craton to the east
group that included crocodiles, extinct flying reptiles, dinosaurs
this sequence was deposited during the cretaceous period
carnivorous, bipedal saurischia
the closing of the central american seaway caused warm water to be directed northward, and resulted in a warm period called

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