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Name the term: matching of strata from one region to another
correlating rock units on the basis of their magnetic properties
Name the Principle: Strata extend continuously in all directions until they are terminated by thinning at the edge of a basin, end abruptly at a barrier to sedimentation, or grade
Name the term: zoning of stratigraphic layers, and arrangement of those layers according to relative time of deposition, using the ranges of fossils
a layer of rock (singular)
What rocks are difficult to date?
Name the Principle: Sedimentary layers were deposited nearly horizontally and parallel to the Earth's surface
Theory that says 'the present is the key to the past'
Name the term: Fine-grained magnetic minerals
The Lockport Formation and what other Formation form the Clinton Group?
formations that are lumped together form:
Name the term: time interval between first and last appearance of each species
Name the Principle: states that arock unit, sediment body, or fault that cuts another geologic unit is younger than the unit that was cut
Name the Principle: Sedimentary layers are deposited in a time sequence, with the oldest on the bottom and the youngest on the top
Name the Principle: fragments of rock within a larger rock unit are older than the rock in which they are enclosed
vertical sequence of layering
Name the term: a stratigraphic interval defined by its fossil content, and usually given the name of a characteristic fossil present in that interval
Name the term: science associated with the study of strata or rock layers
formations are subdivided into:
Name the term: Distinctive rock units that can be mapped over a large area
Name the term: descriptive term summing all of the distinctive characteristics of a rock
correlating rocks units using ratios of chemical isotopes
layers of rock (plural)
Gasport, Goat Island and Eramosa Members form which Formation?
recognized that the surface of the Earth is constantly changing
Did not take into account radioactive heat release or mantle convection when he calculated that the earth was between 20 and 40 million years old
Name the term: The study of the general physical characteristics of rocks
theory that proposed rocks formed from the crystallisation of minerals in the early Earth's oceans

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