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One leader's namesake Restoration
Made this a more powerful nation
But then at the hands
Of two huge Ka-bams
This country faced great devastation
This country has a bad affinity
For the worst HDI in its vicinity
It's survived several coups
And some dictators too
Two of whom were direct posterity
A volcano with a very long name
This archipelago, often does tame
The land was found by Cook
But it never was took
By a country seeking colonial fame
Like Liberia this country began
Its economy's emerging from the can
England sent free slaves here
The ocean, it is near
And many diamonds are mined from the land
There once was a great leader named Khan
Who conquered here near the land of the Han
It's also a favorite
Of Sporcle's dedicated
And it borders on Tajikistan
Its demonym's like part of a shark
That always forebodes something dark
It slowed down the Russians
Who were really rushin'
And expecting a walk in the park
A physicist here finds his Mecca
Which destroys particles like hecka
Another reality:
It's known for neutrality
Stay too long and you might freeze your necka
There was a film called The Killing Fields
That showed what rebellions can yield
A party took power
That made people cower
But their evil was later revealed
Often forgotten, it is a fact,
This fourth state to join the Axis pact
But Russia overran
A lot of its land
And this nation, it could not react
As a British colony it began
But a group of rebels made a stand
Freedom won by ZANU
And their allies, ZAPU,
Was soon crushed at a dictator's hands

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