Harry Potter trivia. (Will drive you crazy)

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Can you name the Harry Potter trivia. (Will drive you crazy) ?

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Aberforth's father.
Bellatrix's love.
Grey back's last victim
Wife of Arthur Weasley
A potion which transforms you into someone else
Godfather of Ted
Used to cure a petrified person
Herbology proffessor
Color of Hogwarts Express
Hepzibah Smith's elf
Who stole the locket from Black's house?
Who bought it from him?
Who did not complete school?
Draco Malfoy's girlfriend?
Hermione's first love?
Memory Charm?
The elf of Barty Crouch?
Dumbledore's best friend at a young age?
Dumbledore worked with alchemist..?
Writer of Life and lies of Albus Dumbledore?
A spell to make things fly?

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