Pokemon 'Bite' Attacks

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Can you name the Pokemon 'Bite' Attacks?

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EffectAttack NameType
Power 60 Accuracy 100 May FlinchDark Type
Power 80 Accuracy 100 May Lower DefenseDark Type
Power 65 Accuracy 95 May Paralyze or FlinchElectric Type
Power 65 Accuracy 95 May Freeze or FlinchIce Type
Power 65 Accuracy 95 May Burn or FlinchFire Type
Power 50 Accuracy 100 May Badly PoisonPoison Type
Power 60 Accuracy 100 Takes Effect of Foe's Held BerryBug Type
Power 20 Accuracy 100 Restores HealthBug Type
Power --- Accuracy 90 Cuts Foe's Health By HalfNormal Type
Power 80 Accuracy 90 May FlinchNormal Type

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