Twenty traditional English Puddings

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Can you name the Twenty traditional English Puddings?

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HintName of Pudding
Apples with a more-ish topping. Like a cobbler.
Apples and pastry.
A fruit baked with sultanas, butter and brown sugar.
An almond sponge with jam and almond paste.
Eat it with custard. Ingredient used in sandwiches.
Normally an accompaniment for a cake inside a tart.
Cream, fruit. A true delight but already consumed.
Apples and sponge.
A gymnastic move and jam.
Refreshing & tangy on the tongue with a bit of sweet crunch.
HintName of Pudding
Refreshing & tangy sauce in a sponge.
You cook it the wrong way round.
Breadcrumb thickened cake with jam and meringue.
Sometimes referred to as milk pudding.
Sponge cake and raisins.
Bread soaked in fruit juices & baked in a dome shape.
Sticky steamed sponge with dates or prunes and a sticky sauce.
Pastry with a golden syrup centre.
Cream, sponge, sprinkles, strawberry sauce and fruit.
A Sponge cake with jam and cream traditionally.

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