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Can you name the mlb players with the first name Dave and a last name starting with each letter of the alphabet?

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Clue 1PlayerClue 2
Dave A - Played mainly for the DodgersPlayed from 1983 - 1992; had a brief stint with the Giants
Dave B - Great pinch hitter in NES RBI BaseballPlayed from 1975 - 1992; 2nd half of career was all with the Tigers
Dave C - Played on the Big Red MachineWon 5 Gold Gloves and was the 1982 All-Star Game MVP
Dave D - Played for the Padres and GiantsMade a comeback from cancer, but eventually lost his pitching arm
Dave E - Pitched in pinstripesAlso played for the Padres and Rays. Played 89 - 00
Dave F - Pitched for the Orioles from 78 - 81A guy named Dan with the same last name played for the O's from 82 - 85
Dave G - Late 80's White Sox prospect that did not pan outCould be mistaken for a watermelon-smashing comedian
Dave H - Hit a big homer in the 86 ALCS for the SoxHad an awesome spit gap in his teeth. Played for the Mariners and A's too
Dave I - No such playerJust type 'None'
Dave J - Hit 43 homers for the Braves in 73Never hit more than 18 in any other year. Managed the 86 Mets to a World Series title
Dave K - Hit 442 career home runsNicknamed Kong; Hit 35 homers in his final season
Dave L - Pitched for several teams between 70 - 83Shares a last name with current MLB brothers Andy and Adam
Dave M - Played from 86 - 01. Mets Prospect in the 80sHad a cameo in the movie Little Big League
Clue 1PlayerClue 2
Dave N - Has more homers than any other MLB player born in AustraliaBrewers C from 92 - 99
Dave O - Also known as Big PapiPlayed for the Twins and now the Red Sox
Dave P - Also known as The Cobra78 NL MVP for the Pirates; 79 All-Star MVP as well
Dave Q - No such playerJust type 'None'
Dave R - Helped spark Red Sox ALCS comeback vs. Yankees in 04Played 99 - 08 with 5 teams
Dave S - Nicknamed smoke. Led 88 - 90 A's to the World SeriesWon the 89 World Series MVP. Pitched from 81 - 95
Dave T - Pitched from 93 to 95 with the MetsPitched from 96 - 98 with the A's.
Dave U - No such playerJust type 'None'
Dave V - C for the Mariners from 84 - 93Chris Berman's nickname for him was Dave 'Death' V----
Dave W - This Dave is in the HOFPlayed for Padres, Yankees, Blue Jays, and others
Dave X - No such playerJust type 'None'
Dave Y - No such playerJust type 'None'
Dave Z - Played from 1896 - 1905Sorry guys...this is just unfortunate, but I couldn't ignore the guy

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