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This energy generation technology is mostly in the prototype stages, but it may one day harness the energy of one of the cycles of the sea
The substance extracted fro the oil sands is called
Wind turbines are an example of an _________ energy source
This substance can be used to heat a thermal generation plant, a furnace, or even a BBQ
This type of energy generation involves water being held in a high reservoir, so that it can fall down through a pipe and spin a turbine
This type of generation depends on the weather, but uses no fuel
Burning natural products to create heat to generate energy is called _____________ energy
____________ strategies are important because they reduce the amount of energy we use
This fossil fuel, mainly exported to Asia, is an important part of the Canadian economy
This type of energy can only be generated where the earth's crust is fairly thin
State one reason that Canadians tend to use too much energy
The Oil Sands are situated in ___________
________ panels can be installed on your roof to help reduce reliance on the power grid
Thermal generation plants are an example of a ________ energy source
This type of energy can cause severe problems, like radiation sickness or Cancer, if there is an accident in a generator station

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