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Conventional long form name
Formerly known as
Formerly known as
Flag Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Colour
Flag Colour
Prime Minister
National Holiday
Capital City
Capital City's English translation
National Anthem
Emperor crowned Nov 2nd 1930
Religion inspired by (but not condoned by) said emperor
End of Italian occupation (year)
Former communist military junta
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Highest Point (4533m)
Lowest Point (-125m)
City famous for it's 11 rock-hewn churches
City nicknamed 'Africa's Camelot'
Old walled muslim city where nightly hyena feedings take place
City famous for it's stelae, with a church said to hold the Arc of the Covenant
Nationality (Demonym)
Bordering Ocean/Sea?
Largest Religion
Largest Lake
Longest River
Desert in country's south-east
Mountainous National Park
Mountainous National Park
Honey wine
Bread-like staple eaten with every meal
Biggest agricultural export
Second biggest agrucultural export
Largest valley
Tourism Motto
Official Language
Official Language
Official Language
Ethiopian Alphabet
Internet Country Code
Drives on the...
Age of Suffrage
Endemic Species
Endemic Species
Endemic Species

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