Harry Potter- Wizard Phrases

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Can you name the Wizard idioms and expressions found in the Harry Potter series?

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IdiomMissing wordSaid by...
Son of a ________Mundungus Fletcher
We've been working like _____-____Ron Weasley
Get off his high _________Rita Skeeter
Like losing a _______ and finding a GalleonAlbus Dumbledore
Merlin's _______!Hermione Granger
That's just the tip of the _______Rita Skeeter
I'm so hungry I could eat a ________Ron Weasley
Wasn't room to swing a __________Rubeus Hagrid
It's no good crying over spilt ________Mrs Figg
The fire's lit, but the ________'s emptyIvor Dillonsby
Time is ________Fred Weasley
IdiomMissing wordSaid by...
Don't count your _______ before they are deliveredAlbus Dumbledore
Fell off the back of a __________Mundungus Fletcher
Cat among the __________Mrs Figg
Which came first, the ________ or the flameRavenclaw 'password'
Might as well be hanged for a ________ as an eggMrs Figg
Never tickle a sleeping ________Hogwarts School motto
I'm only yanking your _________Fred Weasley
________ Beard!Numerous!
Eat ______Ron Weasley
Hold your ________Rubeus Hagrid

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