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The most handsome wizard to ever draw his wand to the forces of evil, with a dashing smile and a roguish wink!
Hogwarts Potions Master extraordinaire, and all around sarky git. Secretly hiding a good side under all his whining
Everyone hates him. He floats through the corridors wreaking havoc
Former Minister of Magic. Died after torture. Possibly a vampire.
A character in Harry Potter Order Of The Phoenix that has a toadface and is fat like a pig
The youngest sibling and only daughter in the family; has been accused of manipulating boys to snag Harry Potter
Acts as comic relief in Harry Potter series. Harry's BFFL
An attractive, part-veela character in the Harry Potter series
A cross-eyed descendent of Salazar Slytherin
The sock-loving house elf with insanely big ears
Witch from the Harry Potter series and possibly the smartest character ever known to the HP universe. Has a thing for elves
Stupid, fat, and a spoiled little brat
The most talented wizard of all time in the land of Harry Potter.
A mean old b*tch who killed Sirius Black, and gets her ass kicked by Molly Weasley
Harry Potter's snowy white owl, duh
A Slytherin girl in JK Rowling's Harry Potter series. She is often seen with Draco Malfoy and his cronies
The Father of Draco...has the hair every girl dreams of!
Described in the book as having golden curls and being quite good-looking, and was apparently young Albus Dumbledore's best friend
The Anti-Harry, Potter's Arch-nemesis, enemy, rival. Unless you consider that the position of Voldemort
The women I couldn't stand until Harry Potter 7. Now she is my god!
One of the four founders of Hogwarts; the House you go to if you aren't brave, smart, or an ass
The wussie that became a badass!
Disgusting, cowardly piece of crap from the Harry Potter series that betrayed his best friends to save his own worthless ass.
Two words: flying motorbike
Two characters, who are the trouble-makers at Hogwarts, and often finish each other's sentances
The quirky and interesting character from Harry Potter, that many people have grown to love
Wizarding Obama
The huge fat guy who is the gamekeeper at Hogwarts
A gorgeous Hufflepuff
Was somewhat cruel to one Severus Snape during his school years, and had a habit of messing up his hair, to make it look windswept.
A rather down-on-his-luck werewolf
A member of the Ravenclaw house, who was one year ahead of Harry in school. Also noted for being an incredible Quidditch player.
The depressing ugly houself of Sirius Black
Sociopath of the Harry Potter series, who used to be hot before he went all Skeletor.

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