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Nasty little werewolf who enjoys tearing people,and their lives, apart. Takes pride in attacking young children.
Hermione's clever pet cat. Half-Kneazle.
Hagrid’s half brother. Attends Dumbledore's funeral considerably more civil than when we first met him.
A brilliant chess player; loyal; friendly; awkward. Harry Potter's b*tch
Luna’s father. Also a widower.
The hottest bus conductor to appear in HP. Pimples or not!
The greatest sorcerer in the world; He is made of awesome
The ghostly girl that likes Harry Potter in the second and fourth books. She haunts one of the girls bathrooms at Hogwarts
Albus’ brother. Has some special, inappropriate affinity with goats
The 2nd known thing to survive the Avada Kedavra curse. Loyal to Dumbledore and Dumbledore only.
Bookworm know-it-all of a friend of Harry Potter's
Dearly departed mum to the Boy Who Lived. Original bearer of the greener than green eyes, and defender of those who cannot defend themselves. I bet she was really fit!
The infamous R.A.B. He figured out Voldemort's secret and sacrificed himself trying to destroy him
Someone who cannot play quidditch, and is therefore the ref.
He's the coolest Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher ever and he's also a werewolf
The Potions teacher who uses the status of his friends to judge his personal success. Loser
A boy who saves the world from the Dark Lord and later marries his best friend’s sister.
The egotistical b*tch who is the mother to Draco. She thinks she is so awesome and hot; I think Paris Hilton should play her in the film!
The ultimate Slytherin, with the ability to be a sarcastic bastard to harry all the while saving the kid's life over and over.
The first acromantula brought to the forest by Hagrid during his stay as a student at Hogwarts.
Dates Ron Weasley for some of the 6th book. Was a very clingy girlfriend!
Awesome character in the Harry Potter series. She's a metamorphmagus. A LOT of things about her are left out in the movie... grr...
A major git from the fifth Harry Potter book on.(Not Umbridge!)

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