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____ no I don't like no parfait.
Well, I have to save my ___.
Cause you've got to got to find a little __________.
Chicks love that romantic ____.
Oger's are like ______.
Oh you leave them in the sun, they get brown, start sprouting little white _____.
Not my _______ buttons.
Well, technically, you're not a ____.
QuoteMissing Word
_____! Everybody loves cakes. Cakes have layers.
I'm a ______ on the edge!
I like that _______. That is a nice boulder.
And in the morning, I'm makin ______.
What do I have to do to get a little ______ around here?
You didn't ____ the dragon?
I had some strong ______ eeking out of my butt that day.

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