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Stink bugsFront wing half thickened, membranous at tip.
Bees and WaspsLook for narrow waist
Grasshoppers and Cricketsfront wings long and narrow or short and flat on back. Long, threadlike antenna.
Butterfliesscales on wings
Spring tailSmall, on slides, look for double jumping appendages
TermitesPale, soft bodied. Superficially similar to ants, but no narrow waist.
CicadaFront wings held tent-like over body.
EarwigsThick front wings usually short. Pincher cerci
Flies2 wings, 2nd pair replaced by halteres
BeetlesFront wings very heavily thickened and meet in straight line down back.
Fleassmall, on slides, heavily scleritized, laterally flat
Dragonflies2 pairs of membraneous wings with many crossveins

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