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Definition 1WordDefinition 2
Subject to debate, dispute, or uncertaintyhaving no practical significance to even discuss
split or severstick fast to
conceal someone or something with a thin concealmentshow a movie or video or broadcast
The act of supervisingan unintentional failure to notice or do something
To endureTo wear away
look at all parts of (something) carefully in order to detect some featurelook quickly but not very thoroughly
To deliberately and forcibly hit hardTo swing at and miss a ball
Remaininghas gone
Definition 1WordDefinition 2
Competent or able to do something; capableincomplete, limited
fasten or be fastened with metal deviceto cut or trim
moving or capable of moving at high speedfirmly fixed or attached
give official permission or approval for an actionimpose penalty on (usually legal)
experiencing worry, unease, or nervousness about an imminent eventwanting something very much to happen
to remove a fine, dry powder consisting of tiny particles of earth or waste mattercover lightly with a powdered substance
To pay someone for the temporary use of somethingTo let someone use something temporarily in exchange for money

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