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DefinitionsWordPart of Speech
a colorless or white crystal solidnoun
a form of communicating by speakingnoun
forward in time, place, or orderadverb
a group of people organized under a single governmentnoun
to gain information based on facts and truth by studyingnoun
the act of movingnoun
body or mental effortnoun
food made of flournoun
a continuous action of change taking place in a certain mannernoun
elements of the natural world, as mountains, trees, rivers, animalsnoun
into pieces or partsadverb/adjective
a narrow walk or way; a route which something movesnoun
cautious in one's actionsadjective
DefinitionsWordPart of Speech
a: limited in extent or space; n: a narrow part, place or thingadjective/noun
of or pertaining to the mindadjective
to exchange for moneyverb
slender, flexible piece of metalnoun
past tense of rise, to go in an upward motionverb
soft white substance of a plantnoun
to verbalizeverb
strong twisted cordnoun
v: to be afraid of; n: unpleasant feeling by threat of dangerverb/noun
the land along the edge of waternoun
a: in or during every part; p: from beginning to the endadverb/preposition
to look for similarititesverb

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