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hintanswera hint
take off you ____
it's in the ______________ criminal codethere have been legal cases in the law
the ______________ never workswhile they are heading towards the water
what is the name of the brewery?not the RCIMI
my brother's a genius. he hooked up our
bob was portrayed by?Vince Clorthough (sp?)
what video game did the McKenzie's play at the brewery?you got to level 6, i only got to level 5. Beauty playing!
what is the name of the hockey player that had a nervous breakdown?you had a nervous breakdown? So did i. When he was born
hintanswera hint
how much money does the parking lot attendant demand?please use decimal point
it's a __ __ from some british new wave band
(hardest question).....who directed the movie?there are two people
what year was the film debuted
what is the name of Bob and Doug's dog?the giant skunk
how was john elsinore murdered?the fence did it!
i was the only one left after the holocaust, eh......I spent most of my time looking for ____
who is brewmeister smith's 'first hand man'striker, striker, striker, ___ striker?
hintanswera hint
________. I i'll ________ youwhile they were at the RCIMI in straight jackets
how many times did doug see return of the jedisurrender to the dark side of the force, you hoser!
what do the McKenzie's bribe the receptionist with?It's a jelly!
who is the voice of Bob and Doug's father?whats up doc
what does Bob 'order' in courtGimmie a toasted ****, hold the toast
chip here does all the killing. I am the ____ of the operation
doug was portrayed by?not the wendys guy

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