Love In TV's The West Wing

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HalfOther HalfNotes
Laurie - law student & prostitute
Joey Lucas - pollster
Cliff Calley - Senate Majority Counsel
Abigail Bartlet
Zoey Bartlet
Mallory - Leo's daughter
Jordan Kendall - lawyer
Danny Concannon - White House reporter
Helen Santos
HalfOther HalfNotes
Amy Gardner - Feminist and, later, Chief of Staff to the First Lady
Simon Donovan - Secret Service agent
Andrea Wyatt - Congresswoman
Kate Harper - Deputy National Security Adviser
Tabitha Fortis - US Poet Laureate
Michelle Anders - later works in the Press Room
Colin Ayres - Photojournalist
Lieutenant Commander Jack Reese - works in the Situation Room
BONUS - a staffer and former assistant brought together on the campaign trail - name both

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