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'With its ivory towers, and its plastic flowers, I wish I was back in 1981.'
'But I'd rather see sun rise, in your eyes.'
'Rolled in from another town, hit some gold too hot to settle down.'
'Ridin' on a storm, it carved a message in Isabella Creek.'
'Tuesday: Horace was so sad, he never had a girl that he could care for.'
'Hey, you with the pretty face welcome to the human race.'
'That's all she says, her money and her place, they just don't mean a fucking thing.'
'You see, I gotta make you understand, I know it sounds a foolish thing, but it don't matter, baby.'
'Silly girl, to be a fool, you didn't play the golden rule...'
'My temperatures risin', the juke box's blowin' a fuse, my heart's beatin' a rhythm...'
'I remember somewhere in the rain, the faces of the passers-by.'
'The girls come, crawlin' on all fours...'
'Oh, rollin' and ridin', slipin' and slidin', it's magic.'
'When you kick out the sea, and the sun says good-bye there is nothing much to speak of.'
'Soon beyond the melting clouds the light will shine on everyone that waits there in the silver rain, to meet the golden sun.'
LyricsSong Titles
'Bye, bye, bye, bye. Is that a tear in your eye? Too late to cry, you and your precious deguise.'
'Midnight, on the water, I saw the ocean's daughter.'
'You gotta hold on to somethin' that you believe, hold on to somethin' that makes you feel (Title).'
'Bad dreamer, what's your name? Looks like we're ridin' on the same train.'
'Here it comes another lonely day....'
'Pulls you in, takes you down, it's a sad affair.'
'I saw her there from across the street, she was dressed in black, and when she moved she moved to a beat like a cadillac.'
'I see you cryin' now, you've found a lot of pain, and what you're searching for can never be the same.'
'I look into the sky, your waves rush by, the weather man has lied, it makes me cry.'
'Oh, I'm never gonna be the same again, now I've seen the way it's gotta end.'
'She loves that rock 'n' roll, and she plays it all night long.'
'Don't you realize the things we did, we did, were all for real, not a dream?'
'Every night, you're out there, darlin', you're always out there runin'.'
'There's one thing that's on my mind, and that's getting hold of you before I serve my time.'
'Baby, can you hear me call? Is it alright? Now your back's against the wall.'

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