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PlotAnime Title
A teenaged boy that can see ghosts, and sees a girl known as a soul reaper appears into his room, and has become a soul reaper himself...
A boy that turns into a young girl after dunk into water...
Computer made humands are becoming popular, and a young man finds one in the trash, and keeps it as his own...
A boy and his twin sister play in an interactive online game of the future.
Rumor has it that a website can send the person you dislike to hell.
Women are trained to kill these demonds known as ''youma''.
A girl finds out that she is a sailor scount, known to protect the forces of evil.
A wandering swordsman meets a young woman who teaches how to be a samouri....
Fourteen year old boy gets another chance to live, and becomes a ''Spirit Detective''....
High school boy meets weird girl, who's not interested in ''ordinary people''...
A kid suddenly finds out he has a fox demond inside of him.
Everyone wants these strange unique star-balls that can grant you any wish.
Two men find themselves working as bodyguards...
PlotAnime Title
Teenaged boy finds a notebook that can kill anyone once you wrote their name in it.
Two brothers tries to bring their mother back to life by using alchemy, but fail...
A sixth grade boy meets an unusual girl.
A young man decides to guise himself as a woman, so that he can get a job at a private school that doesn't allow men to work, only women...
A boy promises his friend to destroy the empire Britannia.
A girl falls into a well, and is suddenly in fudal Japan era, and finds a boy asleep by a tree.
Six strange teenaged girls are friends, and go to school together.
A young man becomes a sweeper or a bounty hunter, and decided not to assaniate people.
Shuichi wants to become a rock star, meets an author, and falls in love.
Throughout history a war has been going on, monsters that can turn into humans are feeding blood off of human beings.
Collage student that meets a woman that calls herself a goddess, and asks her to live with him.
Five kids finds an old spell book, and use it to exorcist ghosts of the old school house.

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