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english wordspanish worda
to climb/go up
to get marriedreflexive
to want
to stay (in hotel, house)reflexive
to advise, to warn
to maintain
to like (VERY informal, more like a saying)
to remember
to send
to learn
to record, tape
to answer
to show
to count
to reach, catch up with
to look at
to start, begin
to be born
to use
to see
to lack, need, to be left
to suggest
to worryreflexive
to investigate
to bring
to say good-byereflexive
to attend to, wait on
english wordspanish worda
to wash
to be thankful for
to return, come back
to come one's hairreflexive
to dream
to hear
to seem
to walk, move
to bother, annoy
to lose
to hand in, deliver
to meet up (with) someonereflexive
to pick up, to get
to translate
to wish for
to taste, try
to follow, pursue
to find out
to becomereflexive
to leave something behind
to lie
to fry
to meetreflexive
to go to bed, lie downreflexive
to hug
to offer
to rest
english wordspanish worda
to get, obtain
to contain
to be (located)
to drive
to get a sunburnreflexive
to explain
to fall in love reflexive
to come
to put on makeupreflexive
to wake upreflexive
to protect oneselfreflexive
to enjoy
to take offreflexive
to arrive
to concern
to cost
to have a good time, enjoy oneselfreflexive
to share
to dry offreflexive
to enjoy
to stay reflexive
to finish/just have done something
to shavereflexive
to lend
to rent

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