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english wordspanish wordextra hint
to request, ask for
it's strange
to hope
to prefer
to be sorry, regret
to deny
to doubt
it's important
to want
to bother
to be sure
it can be
there's no doubt
to recommend
it's ridiculous
it's bad
to worry
it's true
to suggest
it's evident
it's clear
english wordspanish wordextra hint
to be unsure
to think (opinion)
it's not certain
it's obvious
to be happy
to not believe
to beg, plead
to think; to believe
it's not evident
it's sure
it's a shame
i/we/let's hope so
it's terrible
to not doubt
it's better
it's necessary
it's probable
to surprise
to order
to need
to be afraid
english wordspanish wordextra hint
it's worse
it's essential
it's preferable
to fear, be afraid of
to be angry
it's certain, true
to think (have an opinion)
to advise
it's not true
maybe, perhaps
to not think
maybe, perhaps
to lament, regret
it's urgent
to like; to be pleasing
it's impossible
it's possible
to not deny
it's good

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