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Years in UseTrackLength and Track Type
1997-present2 mile D-oval
1995-present1.5 mile oval
1957, 1965-1965, 1986-present2.454 mile road course
1959-present2.5 mile tri-oval
1949-present.526 mile oval
1953-present.75 mile D-oval
1997-present1.5 mile quad-oval
1998-present1 mile tri-oval
1969-present1 mile oval
1960-present1.5 mile quad-oval
2009-present.875 mile D-oval
2001-present1.5 mile tri-oval
20132.258 mile road course
1950-present1.366 mile oval
1956, 2010-present4.048 mile road course
Years in UseTrackLength and Track Type
1974-present2.5 mile triangle
1969-present2.66 mile tri-oval
1960-present1.54 mile quad-oval
2000-present1.5 mile tri-oval
1961-present.533 mile oval
1965-2004, 2012-present1.017 mile D-oval
2013.5 mile oval
1994-present2.5 mile rectangular oval
1989-present1.99 mile road course
20132.459 mile road course
1998-present1.5 mile tri-oval
2001-present1.5 mile tri-oval
1990-present1.058 mile oval
1969-present2 mile D-oval

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