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NASCAR Inaugural YearTrackLength and Track Type
20132.258 mile road course
19692.66 mile tri-oval
19592.5 mile tri-oval
19691 mile oval
19971.5 mile quad-oval
2013.5 mile oval
19951.5 mile oval
1949.526 mile oval
19572.454 mile road course
19981 mile tri-oval
2009.875 mile D-oval
1953.75 mile D-oval
19971.25 mile oval
19942.5 mile rectangular oval
19564.048 mile road course
NASCAR Inaugural YearTrackLength and Track Type
19501.366 mile oval
19891.99 mile road course
19981.5 mile tri-oval
20011.5 mile tri-oval
19601.5 mile quad-oval
19692 mile D-oval
19601.54 mile quad-oval
20011.5 mile tri-oval
20132.459 mile road course
20001.5 mile tri-oval
19972 mile D-oval
19742.5 mile triangle
1961.533 mile oval
19901.058 mile oval

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