Rootin' Tootin' Rockin' Rachel Riddle

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Can you name the answers to these questions pertaining to Rachel Haig?

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How did Rachel's facebook mysteriously add lots of people and join the group 'Cam Marsh Gives The World's Best Massages'?Ha
Which Harry Potter character is Rachel most similar to?Bad luck, it's not Hermione
Where did Rachel first kiss a boy?Snog Fest
Name Rachel's two nearest and dearest loving chumsThey are girls
Complete this quote from Rachel, in reference to her cousin: 'If flies can mate...Incest is best
How many boyfriends has Rachel had?You can't count it on one hand
Who is Rachel madly in love with?Their eyes met across the pews at Christian Camp
What are Rachel's sexual preferences?Tim
What describes Rachel's style in one word?It's not that cool

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