Characteristics of Crystalline Solids

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Can you name the Characterisitics of Crystalline Solids?

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Type - Structural ParticlesIntermolecular ForcesTypical Properties
Metallic - Cations and delocalized electronsMelting point and hardness varies, good conductor
Ionic - Cations and AnionsMelting point moderate to very high, hard, good conductors as liquids but non conductors as solids, many are soluble in polar solvents
Network covalent - AtomsVery hard, Melting point very high, non conductors
Non-polar molecules - Atoms or nonpolar moleculesMelting point extremely low to moderate, soluble in some nonpolar solvents
Polar - Polar moleculesMelting point low to moderate, soluble in some polar and nonpolar solvents
Hydrogen bonded - molecules with H bonded to N, O, or FMelting point low to moderate, soluble in polar solvents

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