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Can you name the I Made America Founding Father By Their Pickup Lines?

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Forced Order
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Pickup LineFounding Father
'I know I'm not your first, but I could be...your third?'
'It's not the Louisiana Purchase, but it will double in size.'
'Would you like to meet John Hancock? He's standing at attention right now.'
'Your shoes are ornate, yet practical. Let's consummate.'
Doesn't say anything, just sips sadly from a juice box.
'My wife makes the most magnificent cakes.'
Pickup LineFounding Father
'Never leave until tomorrow what you can screw today.'
'I always serve two times. I set that precedent.'
'Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see.'
'You make me so hot, I'll never say burr.'
'I did not go early to bed, but it seems I am early to rise.'
'I take the virgin out of Virginia.'

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