U.S. Presidents By Birthplace

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Can you name the U.S. Presidents By Birth Place?

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Staunton, VA
Omaha, NE
New Haven, CT
Plains, GA
Lamar, MO
Tampico, IL
Mecklenburg County, NC
Braintree, MA
Stonewall, TX
Farfield, VT
Hillsborough, NY
Hardin County, KY
Corsica, OH
Brookline, MA
Milton, MA
Caldwell, NJ
Port Conway, VA
Point Pleasant, OH
Niles, OH
Denison, TX
Honolulu, HI
Charles City County, VA
Popes Creek, VA
Westmoreland County, VA
New York, NY
Cincinnati, OH
West Branch, OH
North Bend, OH
Cove Gap, PA
Plymouth, VT
Yorba Linda, CA
Cayuga County, NY
Raleigh, NC
Braintree, MA
Orange County, VA
Orange, OH
Hyde Park, NY
Waxhaw, SC
Delaware, OH
Kinderhook, NY
Hope, AK
Goochland County, VA
Charles City County, VA

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