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Can you name the beasts mentioned in the Harry Potter series?

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Animated corpses who do the bidding of dark wizards
Pale, gaunt blood-sucking undead creatures
'____ in the dungeon! _____ in the dungeon!' -- Quirrel
A pale, green underwater demon with horns and long, brittle fingers
Bright-blue creatures Gilderoy Lockhart sets loose on his class
Mascot of the Bulgarian Quidditch Team
Skeletal black horses only visible to those who have witnessed death
Postal service, nocturnal birds (Hedwig is one)
The King of Serpents that can kill with a gaze
Very intelligent, cat-like creatures (Crookshanks is one)
A small, white, fire-dwelling lizard that feeds on flames and has blood with healing properties
Remus J. Lupin turns into this at the full moon
Guards of Azkaban, these fiends make you relive your worst memories
'I can certainly see why we're trying to keep them alive. Who wouldn't want pets that can burn, sting, and bite all at once?' -- Draco Malfoy
Large, flying, fire-breathing reptiles like the Hungarian Horntail
Mascot of the Irish Quidditch Team
A long-snouted creature that burrows in dirt and is attracted to anything shiny
The largest and most playful inhabitant of the Great Lake
Toothless brown worms Hagrid teaches after Buckbeak
Lockhart claims to have spent time with these creatures in his book, 'Year with the ____'
A gigantic spider (Aragog is one)
Swan-sized, red-and-gold bird that bursts into flames during death, but is reborn from the ashes
Namesake animal of Ravenclaw house, this black-feathered bird is also known to Muggles
Short, domestic servants with huge, bat-like ears and tennis ball eyes
A long-tongued, custard-coloured little furball that makes a calming purring noise
A horse with a single horn on its head whose blood was used by Lord Voldemort
A winged creature with the upper-body of an eagle and the lower-body of a horse (Buckbeak is one)
Miniature Puffskeins sold by the Weasleys (Arnold is one)
Highly intelligent, short creatures who run Gringotts
Half-man/half-horse creatures who closely watch star and planet movements
A shape-shifting creature that embodies your biggest fear
Rodents often kept as pets (Peter Pettigrew as Scabbers was one)
A one-legged creature that resembles a cloud of smoke and carries a lantern
Namesake animal of Gryffindor House, with front legs, wings and head of a giant eagle, and the body and hind legs of a lion
Human-headed creature with a lion-like body associated with Egyptian Pyramids

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