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HaikuSong TitleAlbum
Friends are running late/ 'Tis a dark and misty night/ It's past my bedtimeMagical Mystery Tour
I didn't catch on/ Kisses can mean so much more/ Will you be my girlA Hard Day's Night
Marraige on a rock/ The press stalks mercilessly/ Honeymoon troublesSingle
Man leaves home for weed/ Girl has gender confusion/ They pass auditionLet It Be
Boaters see fruit trees/ Sunny-eyed girl vanishes/ Goes interstellarSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
You want upheaval/ but I do not like violence/ Am I in or out?The Beatles (White Album)
Young and attractive/ She's my only dance partner/ Loud palpitationsPlease Please Me
She is in mourning/ Ignores me for a dead man/ Her sorrow's fleetingBeatles For Sale
Woman cleans churches/ Priest has no congregation/ Woman dies aloneRevolver
Girl's home lacks seating/ I take a nap in the tub/ The bird flies awayRubber Soul
HaikuSong TitleAlbum
Warm, safe seclusion/ Escape Beatlemania/ Underwater funAbbey Road
Cue random tape loops/ Notorious backmasking?/ Repetitive nineThe Beatles (White Album)
I am exhausted/ A long day at the office/ You make me feel goodSingle
Girl seeks screen stardom/ I feel very confident/ I become chauffeurRubber Soul
Greedy government/ Man becomes supervillain/ Takes pennies from deadRevolver
Stomach-churning trip/ So glad to be here again/ Soviet hottiesThe Beatles (White Album)
Mammal loses girl/ Brings a gun to a saloon/ Divine providenceThe Beatles (White Album)
Boy slays his girlfriend/ Bang! Bang! Murders his Teacher/ Kills judge with malletAbbey Road
Greed is everywhere/ It invades my eyes and ears/ Nothing is exemptLet It Be
You should treat her well/ Or I'll swoop in and steal her/ Then you'll be lonelyHelp!

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