Forbes' 100 Highest Paid Athletes (2011-2012)

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Can you name the World's 100 Highest Paid Athletes, according to Forbes?

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Boxing85 mil/0/85 mil
Boxing56 mil/6 mil/62 mil
Golf4.4 mil/55 mil/59.4 mil
Basketball13 mil/40 mil/53 mil
Tennis7.7 mil/45 mil/52.7 mil
Basketball20.3 mil/32 mil/52.3 mil
Golf4.8 mil/43 mil/47.8 mil
Soccer9 mil/37 mil/46 mil
Soccer20.5 mil/22 mil/42.5 mil
Football32.4 mil/10 mil/42.4 mil
Soccer20 mil/19 mil/39 mil
Football37.1 mil/.2 mil/37.3 mil
Football35.2 mil/1.5 mil/36.8 mil
Football35.5 mil/.5 mil/36 mil
Football34.3 mil/.1 mil/34.4 mil
Tennis8.2 mil/25 mil/33.2 mil
Football32.9 mil/.25 mil/33.2 mil
Baseball31 mil/2 mil/33 mil
Formula One29 mil/3 mil/32 mil
Motorcycle Racing17 mil/13 mil/30 mil
Formula One20 mil/10 mil/30 mil
Football27 mil/1.3 mil/28.3 mil
NASCAR13. mil/15 mil/28.2 mil
Boxing24 mil/4 mil/28 mil
Formula One25 mil/3 mil/28 mil
Tennis5.9 mil/222 mil/27.9
Football26.8 mil/1 mil/27.8 mil
Football23.1 mil/4 mil/27.1 mil
Baseball23 mil/4 mil/27 mill
Football18.6 mil/8 mil/26.6 mil
Cricket3.5 mil/23 mil/26.5 mil
Football26.3 mil/.15 mil/26.5 mil
Basketball14.6 mil/11 mil/25.6 mil
Basketball12.5 mil/13 mil/25.5 mil
Basketball12.7 mil/12 mil/24.7 mil
Baseball15.5 mil/9 mil/24.5 mil
Soccer17.8 mil/6.5 mil/24.3 mil
Football23.2 mil/1 mil/24.2 mil
Baseball17 mil/7 mil/24 mil
Baseball23 mil/.8 mil/23.8 mil
Baseball23.3 mil/.5 mil/23.8 mil
NASCAR13.6 mil/10 mil/23.6 mil
Football22.3 mil/1 mil/23.3 mil
Basketball14.9 mil/8 mil/22.9 mil
Baseball22.5 mil/.25 mil/22.8 mil
Basketball14.7 mil/8 mil/22.7 mil
NASCAR15.3 mil/7 mil/22.3 mil
Golf13.2 mil/9 mil/22.2 mil
Baseball22 mil/.1 mil/22.1 mil
Football20 mil/2 mil/22 mil
Football21.8 mil/.1 mil/21.9 mil
Football21.6 mil/.25 mil/21.9 mil
NASCAR14.5 mil/7 mil/21.5 mil
Baseball20 mil/1.5 mil/21.5 mil
Football20.5 mil/1 mil/21.5 mil
Football21.3 mil/.1 mil/21.4 mil
Basketball17.1 mil/4 mil/21.1 mil
Football19.9 mil/1 mil/20.9 mil
Baseball20.6 mil/.15 mil/20.8 mil
Soccer14.3 mil/6.5 mil/20.8 mil
Baseball20.1 mil/.5 mil/20.6 mil
Soccer11.6 mil/9 mil/20.6 mil
Track & Field.3 mil/20 mil/20.3 mil
Football20.1 mil/.2 mil/20.3 mil
Soccer16.6 mil/3.5 mil/20.1 mil
Football19.8 mil/.15 mil/19.9 mil
Football19.3 mil/.5 mil/19.8 mil
Soccer16.6 mil/3 mil/19.6 mil
Football19.3 mil/.25 mil/19.6 mil
Baseball19.3 mil/.3 mil/19.6 mil
Football19.3 mil/.1 mil/19.4 mil
Basketball13.2 mil/6 mil/19.2 mil
Soccer16.6 mil/2.5 mil/19.1 mil
Basketball17.1 mil/2 mil/19.1 mil
Boxing19 mil/0/19 mil
Baseball18.8 mil/.15 mil/18.9 mil
Football18.6 mil/.15 mil/18.7 mil
Baseball18.5 mil/.1 mil/18.6 mil
Cricket2.1 mil/16.5 mil/18.6 mil
Football18.4 mil/.15 mil/18.6 mil
Tennis1.4 mil/17 mil/18.4 mil
Baseball18 mil/.25 mil/18.3 mil
Baseball18 mil/.25 mil/18.3 mil
Basketball16.2 mil/2 mil/18.2 mil
Football18 mil/.1 mil/18.1 mil
Football17.9 mil/.1 mil/18 mil
Baseball17.3 mil/.25 mil/17.6 mil
Basketball17 mil/.5 mil/17.5 mil
Baseball17 mil/.5 mil/17.5 mil
Soccer12.5 mil/5 mil/17.5 mil
Baseball17.3 mil/.1 mil/17.4 mil
Baseball14.4 mil/3 mil/17.4 mil
Golf1.4 mil/16 mil/17.4 mil
Golf10.4 mil/7 mil/17.4 mil
Basketball14.7 mil/2.5 mil/17.2 mil
Football16.8 mil/.25 mil/17.1 mil
Soccer12.5 mil/4.5 mil/17 mil
Baseball16.8 mil/.15 mil/16.9 mil
Football16.5 mil/.15 mil/16.7 mil
Baseball16.5 mil/.1 mil/16.6 mil

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