Deep Space Nine: You Humanoids

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Can you name the subjects of Odo's 'you humanoids' commentaries on Deep Space Nine?

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Spoken ToQuoteEpisode
QuarkA Man Alone
Kira NerysPast Prologue
Benjamin SiskoThe Forsaken
Jadzia DaxShadowplay
Kira NerysThe Collaborator
Kira NerysThe Collaborator
Benjamin SiskoEquilibrium
Kira NerysHeart of Stone
Benjamin SiskoDestiny
Jadzia DaxFacets
Spoken ToQuoteEpisode
Benjamin SiskoThe Adversary
Jadzia DaxRejoined
Benjamin SiskoHomefront
GarakBroken Link
Benjamin SiskoApocalypse Rising
Benjamin SiskoNor the Battle to the Strong
WorfTrials and Tribble-ations
Kira NerysTears of the Prophets

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