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English useGerman word or expression
A beer made with bottom-fermenting yeast and stored for some time before serving
Sandwich with meat patty and garnishments
Child prodigy
A filled pastry
'Bless you!'; used after someone sneezes
Tabletop soccer
Something awful or tasteless
A deep feeling of fear and remorse
A recurring theme; common in motion picture music
Out of order
English useGerman word or expression
A gawdy, cheap and/or tasteless item
A dog breed; literally 'badger hound' in German
A type of sausage; Johnsonville Foods is practically synonymous with it in the U.S.
The yearning to travel
Mythical collosal sea monster
Fermented cabbage
A form of prehistoric human
Double or look-alike
The level of primary school after pre-school and before 1st grade in the U.S.

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