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'his s_ m_ h_ s_'The Courtship of Mr Lyon
'toad-l_, c_ h_ o_ m_'The Bloody Chamber
'like a_ e_ p_ s_ t_'The Bloody Chamber
'he s_ a r_ t_ f_ c_'The Bloody Chamber
'she f_ g_ t_ k_ s_ o_ h_'The Company of Wolves
'He i_ t_ t_ b_'The Erl-King
'My f_ l_ m_ t_ T_ B_ a_ c_'The Tiger's Bride
'Nothing h_ l_ h_'The Tiger's Bride
'shot a m_ e_ t_ w_ h_ o_ h_'The Bloody Chamber
'The w_ i_ c_ i_'The Company of Wolves
'the c_ o_ h_ d_'The Snow Child
'wood s_ y_ u_'The Erl-King
'thin g_ o_ a l_ o_ t_ v_ o_ e_'The Courtship of Mr Lyon
'I h_ n_ t_ s_ t_ k_ t_ g_ b_The Courtship of Mr Lyon
'shabby c_ o_ s_'The Werewolf
'she i_ t_ d_ h_ c_ t_ w_'Puss-In-Boots
'His e_ s_ o_ a_'Wolf-Alice
'lord o_ c_ c_'Wolf-Alice
'a y_ l_ s_ t_ n_ m_ h_ s_ b_'The Tiger's Bride
'bridegroom b_ o_ m_ i_ m_ b_'The Lady of the House of Love
'A d_ h_ i_ a d_ b_'The Bloody Chamber
'armed w_ h_ f_ h_ k_'The Werewolf
'unmarked a_ a s_ b_ o_ b_ s_'The Courtship of Mr Lyon
'the I_ M_ e_ a g_ t_'The Bloody Chamber
Gap fillQuoteTale
'haunting s_ o_ t_ i_ c_ o_ b_'The Erl-King
'bleeds; s_; f_'The Snow Child
'now s_ i_ a w_, s_ m_ h_ m_'The Lady of the House of Love
'who e_ c_ b_ o_ g_ b_ t_?'The Bloody Chamber
'she w_ b_ t_ i_ h_ o_ i_'The Erl-King
'Then t_ s_ h_ t_ d_'The Werewolf
'Now t_ C_ w_ b_ a_ a_ b_'The Snow Child
'ominous i_ b_ l_ o_ b_ o_ s_'The Company of Wolves
'Miss L_, s_, s_.'The Courtship of Mr Lyon
'Midwinter - i_, i_'The Snow Child
'a y_ g_, a v_, a_ t_ m_ d_ m_ r_'The Tiger's Bride
'only i_ f_ a_ h_The Company of Wolves
'as i_ h_ w_ s_ t_ l_ o_ a_ a_'The Bloody Chamber
'she k_ s_ w_ n_ m_'The Company of Wolves
'I w_ s_ a_ k_ n_ o_ t_ w_'The Bloody Chamber
'lovers w_ e_ w_ a_'The Bloody Chamber
'ogres t_ g_ b_ u_ g_'The Company of Wolves
'her b_ i_ a_ a_, a d_'The Lady of the House of Love
'He h_ t_ s_ q_ o_ v_'The Lady of the House of Love
'he i_ a_ e_'The Lady of the House of Love
'he w_ s_ f_'The Snow Child
'beautiful s_ h_ p_ h_ a_ c_'The Lady of the House of Love
'He w_ l_ t_ s_ o_ m_!'The Tiger's Bride
'There a_ s_ e_ c_ e_ y_'The Erl-King

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