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The end of the cycleDracula
Perported religious standing of MarloweDoctor Faustus
Very powerful organizationThe Pardoner's Tale
fear of 't_' p_' i_ t_ c_ w_'Punter Byron Dracula
the Pardoner a 'r_'Sanders The Pardoner's Tale
'ruthless p_ s_ t_ c_ f_ h_ v_, r_ o_ t_ a_ o_ s_ s_'Finniear The Pardoner's Tale
Year 'Doctor Faustus' publishedDoctor Faustus
Rise of science, Darwin published in 1859Dracula
'mocking a_ e_ t_ c_ c_ s_'Makinen The Bloody Chamber
describes herself as a 'm_ p_'Carter The Bloody Chamber
'our a_ i_ t_ f_ t_ m_ o_ t_ s_ t_ t_ m_ o_ t_s_'Muscatine The Pardoner's Tale
the Pardoner an 'a_ r_' of greedSanders The Pardoner's Tale
'curiosity o_ t_ w_ p_ i_ r_'Makinen
'personification o_ a_ ... t_ g_'Seed Dracula
'women t_ b_ a_ e_ p_ b_ t_ o_ v_'Makinen The Bloody Chamber
'pleased m_ t_ h_ o_ t_ v_'Winstanley 1687 Doctor Faustus
'latent c_ i_ v_ s_'Carter The Bloody Chamber
'scathing a_ o_ e_ m_'Gunnin The Pardoner's Tale
Appox year 'Canterbury Tales' publishedThe Pardoner's Tale
reason for Catholicism weakeningDoctor Faustus
previously powerful organization now weakeningDoctor Faustus
Revival of interest in art and philosophyDoctor Faustus
'only f_ c_ a_ a p_ s_ i_ a_ c_-t_'Warton 1781 Doctor Faustus
Movement which heavily influenced The Bloody Chamber
Other popular gothic books published around the timeDracula
Laws which maintained social structureThe Pardoner's Tale
Lead to social uphevalThe Pardoner's Tale
'cyclical g_ t_ r_-e_ i_ t_ o_ c_ s_'Hurley Dracula
'Marlowe i_ s_ t_ h_ b_ t_ w_ a_ p_'Lamb 1808 Doctor Faustus
Year of the Black DeathThe Pardoner's Tale
Famous libertine who influencedThe Bloody Chamber
'between t_ m_ a_ s_ c_ o_ b_ a_ c_ t_ t_ e_ o_ o_'O'Kelly Dracula
'Renaissance m_ w_ h_ t_ p_ t_ m_ p_ f_ b_ o_'Dawkins Doctor Faustus
'new c_ t_ o_ t_ a_ p_ p_ t_ b_ t_ b_ w_ a_ t_ a_ D_'Johnson Dracula
'women a_ f_ t_ w_ t_ m_ g_'Makinen The Bloody Chamber
Year 'The Bloody Chamber' publishedThe Bloody Chamber
Major fears of the time Stoker played onDracula
Year 'Dracula' publishedDracula
'unpalatable r_ t_ u_ f_ n_ s_'Gamble The Bloody Chamber
'inevitably c_ d_ o_ a_ s_ t_ h_ r_ i_ i_'Lowell 1887 Doctor Faustus

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