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Year 'Dracula' publishedDracula
'Renaissance m_ w_ h_ t_ p_ t_ m_ p_ f_ b_ o_'Dawkins Doctor Faustus
Very powerful organizationThe Pardoner's Tale
previously powerful organization now weakeningDoctor Faustus
'mocking a_ e_ t_ c_ c_ s_'Makinen The Bloody Chamber
'unpalatable r_ t_ u_ f_ n_ s_'Gamble The Bloody Chamber
Year of the Black DeathThe Pardoner's Tale
describes herself as a 'm_ p_'Carter The Bloody Chamber
'pleased m_ t_ h_ o_ t_ v_'Winstanley 1687 Doctor Faustus
'cyclical g_ t_ r_-e_ i_ t_ o_ c_ s_'Hurley Dracula
the Pardoner a 'r_'Sanders The Pardoner's Tale
fear of 't_' p_' i_ t_ c_ w_'Punter Byron Dracula
the Pardoner an 'a_ r_' of greedSanders The Pardoner's Tale
'new c_ t_ o_ t_ a_ p_ p_ t_ b_ t_ b_ w_ a_ t_ a_ D_'Johnson Dracula
reason for Catholicism weakeningDoctor Faustus
'curiosity o_ t_ w_ p_ i_ r_'Makinen
Rise of science, Darwin published in 1859Dracula
Year 'The Bloody Chamber' publishedThe Bloody Chamber
Revival of interest in art and philosophyDoctor Faustus
'women t_ b_ a_ e_ p_ b_ t_ o_ v_'Makinen The Bloody Chamber
Perported religious standing of MarloweDoctor Faustus
Famous libertine who influencedThe Bloody Chamber
Movement which heavily influenced The Bloody Chamber
'ruthless p_ s_ t_ c_ f_ h_ v_, r_ o_ t_ a_ o_ s_ s_'Finniear The Pardoner's Tale
'our a_ i_ t_ f_ t_ m_ o_ t_ s_ t_ t_ m_ o_ t_s_'Muscatine The Pardoner's Tale
Appox year 'Canterbury Tales' publishedThe Pardoner's Tale
The end of the cycleDracula
'scathing a_ o_ e_ m_'Gunnin The Pardoner's Tale
'latent c_ i_ v_ s_'Carter The Bloody Chamber
Other popular gothic books published around the timeDracula
'personification o_ a_ ... t_ g_'Seed Dracula
'women a_ f_ t_ w_ t_ m_ g_'Makinen The Bloody Chamber
'inevitably c_ d_ o_ a_ s_ t_ h_ r_ i_ i_'Lowell 1887 Doctor Faustus
Laws which maintained social structureThe Pardoner's Tale
Year 'Doctor Faustus' publishedDoctor Faustus
'only f_ c_ a_ a p_ s_ i_ a_ c_-t_'Warton 1781 Doctor Faustus
'between t_ m_ a_ s_ c_ o_ b_ a_ c_ t_ t_ e_ o_ o_'O'Kelly Dracula
Major fears of the time Stoker played onDracula
Lead to social uphevalThe Pardoner's Tale
'Marlowe i_ s_ t_ h_ b_ t_ w_ a_ p_'Lamb 1808 Doctor Faustus

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