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Pasta; Big noses; pizza
Big Country; squinty eyes
Own little shops everywhere; talk funny; Hindu religion
Bag pipes; leprechauns; beer
Dreadlocks; Yah mon!
Fat; Lazy; Fast food
Big woman; deep voices; vodka; organized crime
Red wine; say 'la' before every word
Small country; good army; Zohan; pushy
Hocky; slopy army; winter sports
Dry cleaning stores; nail polishing stores; squinty eyes; kim chi
Pharoh; Pyramids; weird beards
blond hair blue eyes; world domination
Ugly; tea and biscuits
Sombreroes; criminals; poor; swine flu
squinty eyes; sushi
Terrorists; Taliban
Say 'mayte'; crocodile hunter
Crime; cheap drugs; poor

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