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Depicted on QuarterState or Commonwealth
A peach and live oak sprigs, motto 'Wisdom, Justice Moderation'
The 'Gateway to Discovery' this depicts Ponce de Leon's ship as he went looking for the fountain of youth.
Federal mansion with thoroughbred behind the fence. 'My Old Kentucky Home'
'Commonwealth' statue, state's outline, the keystone & motto 'Virtue, Liberty, Independence.'
'Isla del Encanto' with its hibiscus flower and sentry box showing its strength never having been captured by the English French or Dutch.
'The Grand Canyon State' with a cactus in the foreground.
has a guitar, fiddle and trumpet for its 3 distinct styles.
'Esto Perpetua' features a peregrine falcon superimposed on the state ouline.
'Evergreen State' bears a majetic king salmon breaching the water in front of Mount Rainier
Depicts a trio of wild mustangs with a banner that reads 'The Silver State'
Encircled by a lariat with a star superimposed on an outline of the state.
Old Man & the Mountain' and the motto 'Live free or die.'
This is known as the Great Lakes state and as such depicts their outline.
'Mount Rushmore State' with that depicted.
This 'Land of Enchantment' bears a Native American sybol of the sun superimposed on the state outline.
Lewis & Clarks Corps of Discovery with the Gateway Arch in the Background
The pelican, a horn, musical notes on outline of state
Young Abe Lincoln with 21 stars bordering the coin signifying the order it joined the union.
Land of 10000 lakes, with 2 men fishing and a loon on the water.
The Heart of Polynesia depicts a drum, a palm and part of the island.
Golden State depicts John Muir, Yosemite Valley, & a condor.
Image of Helen Keller, braille, & 'Spirit of Courage.'
'Birthplace of Aviation Pioneers' astronaut is imposed on state outline
Caesar Rodney's 80 mile ride, 'The First State'
The Magnolia state and that is what is featured on the quarter.
The statehouse & motto 'The Old Line State.'
Features 2 locomotives and is 'Crossroads of the West.'
Features a buffalo and a sunflower
Depicted on QuarterState or Commonwealth
Depicts ox-drawn wagon with chimney rock in the background.
Features Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in New Harbor
This quarter features 8 islands and King Kamehameha
'The Great Land' features a grizzly bear fishing in the lake for food.
Washington Crossing the Delaware & motto 'Crossroads of the Revolution.'
Dairy capital of the world with a cow's head & their award-winning cheese.
the first three ships that brought settlers to Jamestown & Quadricentennial
sailboat Reliance for America's Yacht Cup & motto 'The Ocean State'
This state quarter bears the scissor-tailed flycather and sunflowers
Duke Ellington & 'Justice for All' are featured on this, our nation's Capital
Depicts New River & New River Gorge Bridge. It is known as the 'Mountain State'
'Big Sky Country' depicts a bison skull and diverse landscape of this state.
A cabbage Palmetto , Yellow Jessamine & Wren.
Ferdinand Magellan discovered this island and it is imposed on the quarter with a cup.
A Minuteman & motto 'The Bay State.'
Racecar is superimposed on the state outline for it is truly the 'crossroads of America.'
Depicts the Rocky Mountains with evergreen trees
'Equality State' features a bucking horse and rider in honor of Bill Cody's Wild West Show.
Depicts a pair of grazing bison with a sunset view of the badlands
Bears Crater Lake, Watchman & Hillman Peak
A Charter Oak
The first flight at Kitty Hawk & 'First Flight'
Camel Hump's Mountain, Sap Buckets, and Maple trees, with motto 'Freedom & Unity'
This features the Bananaquit, the Yellow elder tree and the outline of the 3 major islands
Statue of Liberty is superimposed on an outline of the state with the motto 'gateway to freedom.'
This state depicts a diamond, rice stalks and a mallard acquired through the Louisiana Purchase.
Depicts one-room schoolhouse with students planting a tree. Grant Wood's name is on the bottom.
One this quarter is a limestone latte, 2 fairy birds, and mwar borders the bottom with a canoe at center.

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