True friend or false friend?

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Can you name the true friends and false friends?

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Similar wordsTrue (T) or false (F) friend?
English: idea - German: Idee
English: become - German: bekommen
English: rat - French: rat
English: butter - German: Butter
English: beer - Dutch: beer
English: sky - Danish: sky
English: embarrassed - Spanish: embarazada
English: egg - Swedish: ägg
English: attend - French: attendre
English: concern - German: Konzern
English: fruit - French: fruit
English: deception - Spanish: decepción
English: necessary - Italian: necessario
English: list - Spanish: lista
English: honest - Italian: onesto
Similar wordsTrue (T) or false (F) friend?
English: vomit - French: vomir
English: travel - French: travailler
English: library - French: librarie
English: camera - Italian: camera
English: rare - Norwegian: rar
English: decide - Spanish: decidir
English: baker - Dutch: baker
English: glass - German: Glas
English: book - Dutch: boek
English: confront - Italian: confrontare
English: glass - Swedish: glass
English: knife - Danish: kniv
English: exit - Spanish: éxito
English: seven - Dutch: zeven
English: grass - Norwegian: gress

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