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Junior English major from Houston
Philadeplhia fencer known for his reserved but reckoning demeanor
Tess McNamara's Seattle-born architectural soulmate
sophomore swan ballerina from Marin County, CA
King of Burkina Faso
This Honolulu hottie is a Green Room staple especially now that she's finished her thesis on mash-ups
This Irvine sophomore will be interning at Merrill Lynch this summer
This sophomore skier/sailor has been recognized for her 'outstanding work' in the creative writing department
Tuxedo Park tennis phenom who also majors in Woody Woo is a Forbes Peer Adviser
recent member of sporcle.com
This Man of Habit has recently endeavored into wedding planning and is thought by some to have stopped performing autofellatio for fear of messing up his hair.
O Canada! Her home and native land!
He just wants his coat back (Antoine sucks)
Chem major who is worried she won't have enough time to have children once she becomes a tenured professor
This footnote and RT regular graduated from Lawrenceville and majors in Comp Lit
This sophomore Shere Khaner is running for U-council
Interested in Fixed Income, better than Arda at squash, has no emotion (not Ed Casserly)
Her father could be found forcing peppermint schnapps and hershey's syrup onto unassuming passerbys last year at Ivy's Tree Trimming
psst! did you know she was home schooled? weird...
King of Ethiopia
The guest
Named 1 of 5 'Scholars in the Nation's Service'
This gitty University Press Club sophomore doesn't have a middle name and went to Montclair Kimberley Academy
Had someone shave his chest for bicker, sends naked pictures of himself to Nick DeVeaux, has a secret crush on ****** *******, squash player and ju-jitsu practitioner, most likely
He puts the ''robo'' in robot (not Ed Casserly)
Delbarton dude that is taller and better looking than his Navajo Nation co-explorer Pete Florence
This Haverford honey aspires to attend law school and is an Eating Concerns Advisor here on campus
The Ivy Club Social Secretary Emeritus
This spritely senior girl hails from the 'Pearl of Africa'
This Brooklyn babe is an Art&Archeology major, a Saint Ann's graduate and once took a field trip to Sicily to photograph ruins
Spanish and Portugese concentrator from D.C.; part of the bicker from hell
All-American Fencer from Short Hills, N.J.
Sophomore Politics major who co-authored Nassau Weekly article on Igloo Housing Policy

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