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Can you name the songs in Jennifer Garner's 2005 iTunes playlist?

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Destiny's Child“this is a great new song. all these girls are so talented!!”
Gwen Stefani“this is a great song to workout to! It really gets me going. and the video is awesome.”
Alicia Keys“she is so talented! i love how she plays the piano. and her voice is incredible!!”
Maroon 5“i really like this song. maroon 5 is a great group and it’s a good song to sing along to.”
John Mayer“john mayer is one of my favorites so i had to include him in my workout mix!”
Usher“this is a great song for working out!! and usher is an amazing dancer.”
Pink“this song is just so fun. she makes me really want to move when i hear it!”
Justin Timberlake“anything justin timberlake is good to work out to!! and I love the beat to this song!”
Outkast/Big Boi“this is a great song to either warm up to or cool down to. it makes me really want to move!”
Beyonce“this song really gets me going!! it makes you want to dance.”

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