Pokemon that learn few moves by leveling up

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Can you name the Pokemon that learn 4 or less moves by leveling up?

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Move(s) learnedPokemonPokedex #
Tackle, String Shot, and Bug Bite
Poison Sting, String Shot, and Bug Bite
ThunderShock, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, and Thunderbolt
Sing, DoubleSlap, Minimize, and Metronome
Sing, Disable, Defense Curl, and DoubleSlap
Splash, Tackle, and Flail
Hidden Power
Counter, Mirror Coat, Safeguard, and Destiny Bond
Tackle, Helping Hand, Fake Out, and Foresight
Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting, and Bug Bite
Move(s) learnedPokemonPokedex #
Astonish, Growl, Mega Drain, and Nature Power
Fake Out, Attract, Sing, and DoubleSlap
Splash, Tackle, and Flail
Take Down
Growl, Bide, Struggle Bug, and Bug Bite
Protect, Tackle, Bug Bite, and Hidden Power
Sweet Scent, Gust, and Bug Bite
Sky Attack, ExtremeSpeed, Aura Sphere, and Air Slash
Leer, Lick, Fury Swipes, and Seed Bomb
Leer, Lick, Fury Swipes, and Flame Burst
Leer, Lick, Fury Swipes, and Scald
Tackle, Thunder Wave, Spark, and Charge Beam
Smog, Confuse Ray, Flame Burst, and Hex
Tackle, String Shot, Stun Spore, and Bug Bite
Harden and Protect

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