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Can you name the most valuable corporations for each letter A-Z?

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'Letter''Corporation''Industry / Market capitalization'
ATechnology / 564B
BConglomerate / 209B
CTelecommunications / 222B
DUtilities / 89B
EOil and Gas / 402B
FSocial media / 65B
GIndustrial / 209B
HHome improvement / 79B
ITechnology / 215B
JPharmaceutical / 188B
KFood / 70B
LHome improvement / 32B
MTechnology / 246B
'Letter''Corporation''Industry / Market capitalization'
NPharmaceutical / 134B
OTechnology / 147B
POil and Gas / 220B
QTelecommunications / 92B
ROil and Gas / 223B
SPharmaceutical / 99B
TAutomobile / 120B
UConsumer goods / 97B
VTelecommunications / 145B
WRetail / 248B
XUtilities / 14B
YRestaurants / 29B
ZMedical devices / 11B

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