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What was Blanche's personal nickname that she gave herself?
What was Blanche's nickname by her mother?
Sophia's nickname for Dorothy was what?
What was Big Daddy's young fiance's name?
What other occupation did Rose have other than a mental health counselor?
What was the name of the St Bernard dog that frequented the Golden Girls home?
How does Sophia answer the phone when she is entertaining the gardener while the other three girls are on vacation?
Name a famous guest star who appeared on the show?
What are Blanche's initials?
The name of the sandwiches Rose and Sophia made and sold at a construction site?
What is Rose's favorite restaurant.....she was going to take the girls there when they all moved in together?
What was the name of Sophia's sister who moved to Miami from Sicily?
What did Dorothy want Sophia to give her if Dorothy won the bowling game?
What was the name of the gangster after Miles/Nick?
What disability did Rose's sister, Lilly, have?

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