WWE Wrestler A-Z Names by Finisher

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Can you name the WWE Wrestler A-Z Names by Finisher?

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A: Standing Splash/ Elbow Pin
B: Sleeper
C: The Kill Switch
D: Double Arm DDT
E: Shooting Star Press
F: Dominator
G: Curtain Call
H: Running Leg Drop
I: The Camel Clutch
J: Attitude Adjustment
K: Ankle Lock
L: Bridging belly to back suplex/STF
M: Reality Check
N: The Pile Driver/Japanese Sleeper
O: 747 Splash
P: Rings of Saturn
Q: Sleeper Hold (Female)
S: the Worm
T: Tazmission
U: Tombstone
V: Big Splash
W: Power of the Punch
X: X-Factor
Y: Roundhouse Kick
Z: Unknown

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