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smaller than a pigeon
found near marshes and coastlines
a pink bird with long legs
can be domesticated
also known as egrets or bitterns
found in woodland areas
steals other bird away from nests
imitates sounds of other birds
nocturnal, eats other birds
found in the southern hemisphere
has 2 species
in the pheasant family
found in deserts
tiny, has a powerful beak
there are 4 different species
colorful, a forest bird
few predators does not build nests
has 4 toes
short legs, love water
originated in asia
'as dead as the dodo'
a pennsylvania bird
3 different species
about 6.5 inches long
color of male is usually brighter
a large black bird
scientific name is 'falco peregrinus'
lay 3-5 blue-green eggs a time
in the finch family
a seabird, nests in the ground

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