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Can You Name These Historical Figurespersonextra clue
A I know Why the Caged Bird Sings author
B wrote The Good Earthauthor
C The last of the Mohicansauthor
D leader of the Confederacy president
E E=mc2scientist
F Diary of a young girl during WWIIchild
G inventor of the printing press Inventor
H an eye for an eye, a tooth for a toothBabylonian king
I author of Rip Van Winkle author
J 'I have not yet begun to fight'captain
K Mongolian leader who conquered millionsleader
L a general in both the American revolutionary war and the American civil war Soldier
M led Italy in WWIIpolitician
Can You Name These Historical Figurespersonextra clue
N Egyptian queen Queen
O African american runner who won gold at 1936 Berlin Olympics the Athlete
P wife of king Henry VIII Queen
Q 'potatoe'vice president
R Jet Man Ex military pilot, inventor
S ruler of Russia during WWIIleader
T Black Beard pirate
U american quarterback 'the golden arm'athlete
V ________the impaler leader
W John ____Booth Assassin
X leader of china 22 December 1978 - 12 October 1992leader
Y Great American Pitcher award named afterathlete
Z creater of Facebook inventor

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