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The ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice.
Son of Zeus and Danae. Is most famous for killing Medusa.
The most famous Greek hero. Had to complete 9 labors after he killed his family in a madness caused by Hera.
Son of Loki that continues to grow larger until he is bound by Tyr. Kills Odin on Ragnorak.
This 'Lord of the Wind' was banished to the underworld after raping the goddess Ninlil.
Desert god that kills his brother Osiris and scatter his pieces over the world.
Son of Mars who founded Rome along with his twin brother Remus.
One story about this goddess says that she was born after Uranus's genitals were thrown into the ocean.
Son of Odin, whose name is the origin for Thursday.
Trojan War hero best known for coming up with the Trojan Horse and his 10-year journey after the war.
This descendent of Odin slays the the dragon Fafnir, bathes in and drinks his blood, and consumes his heart.
Half of those that die in combat are led to this majestic hall in Asgard by the Valkyries.
Monstrous giant that guarded the Cedar Forest. Was captured and slain by Gilgamesh and Enkidu.
African trickster god that once tried to store all the worlds wisdom in a pot.
After a fight with her brother Susanoo, this female sun deity once hid in a cave until the other gods coaxed her out.
Incan sun god that taught his son and daughter the arts of civilization, and sent them to earth to pass this knowledge to mankind.
This goddess forces Ra to leave the world after she tricks him into telling her his secret name.
As a child this hero kills a rampaging white elephant with a single blow. He goes on to tame the stallion Raksh and marries the princess Tamine.
Mesoamerican deity. Was twin brother to Xolotl and was commonly depicted as a feathered serpent.
In Norse Mythology the word for the primordial void that existed before creation.
This deity was condemned to hold up the sky after the Titan-Olympian War.
The daughter of titans Perses and Asteria. Was often associated with witchcraft and depicted having three forms.
This Native American Trickster stole fire for humans and taught them how to get it out of wood.
Prison set in the underworld. Famous inmates include Sisyphus, Tantalus, and the Titans.
This Irish war goddess was commonly associated with crows and ravens. She was sometimes referred to as three goddesses. Badb, Macha and Nemain.
Monsterous multi-headed serpent killed by Heracles. Each time a had was cut off, two more would grow back.
This god's head was replaced with an elephants after Shiva cut off his original because he wouldn't allow him to see Parvarti.
Cat goddess who guards Ra while he makes his journey through the underworld.
This God battles his enemy Veles by by hurling lightning bolts at him from the sky.
The Mayan god of wine and intoxicating beverages whose name literally means belch.

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