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Forced Order
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Allison Cameron
Elaine Benes
Dr. Gil Grissom
Jax Teller
Silvio Dante
Olivia Dunham
The Great Dragon
Michelle Tanner
Jesse Pinkman
Ernie Cardenas
Cliff Huxtable
Rick Forrester
Tina Cohen-Chang
Michael Scofield
Dean Winchester
Red Forman
Nucky Thompson
Pete Lattimer
Rita Bennett
Vivien Harmon
Cedric Daniels
Martin Crane
Phoebe Halliwell
Latka Gravas
Ginger Grant
Ron Swanson
Al Bundy
Alan Harper
Commander Adama
Liz Lemon
Claire Dunphy
Tommy Solomon
Sol Star
Ruth Fisher
Oscar Madison
Laura Palmer
Miley Stewart
Wally Cleaver
Chelsea Daniels
Ava Crowder
Hawkeye Pierce
Cowboy Curtis
Simon Camden
Darlene Conner Healy
Leonard Hofstadter
Derek Morgan
Jayne Cobb
Dwight Schrute
Aria Montgomery
Chloe Sullivan
Melissa Steadman
Daryl Dixon
Big Bird
Rupert Giles
Hank Moody
Chester Goode
Josh Levison
Michael Bluth
Leonard McCoy
Josiah Bartlet
Alice Nelson
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Jack Bauer
Barney Stinson
Vic Mackey
Cliff Clavin
Ben Linus
Sophia Petrillo
John Doggett
Amy Pond
Richard Kimble
Kelly Garrett
Chloe Lane
Stevie Kenarban
Henry Mills
Miranda Hobbes
Julie Emrick
Daniel Jackson
Joe Friday
Aunt Enchantra
Joffrey Baratheon
Ryan Hardy
Troy Barnes
Megan Parker
Ben Kokua
Ricky Ricardo
Ellen Parsons
George Jefferson
Meredith Grey
Mike Logan
Kunta Kinte
Christopher Turk
Lindsay Weir
Trixie Norton
Robert Barone
Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Seeley Booth
Joey Tribbiani
Nicholas Brody

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