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Can you name the 8 or 16 bit sports video games, given teams or characters?

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Danger Dudes, Yamato Boys, Heavy Duty
Selznick, Arnie, Von Hagen
Mr. Doc, Zap, Barbie
Ocean Pacific, Milton Bradley, Costa del Mar
A. Madman, E. Apollo, S. Ropes
Ghastly Monsters, American Dreams, Ninja Black Sox
Pretty Amy, Miracle Chosuke, Big Jumbo
Meyer, Collette, Erin
Los Angeles, Brawl State, Natural High
Don Flamenco, Piston Honda, Soda Popinski
The Amazon, King Slender, Starman
War Slammers, Darkstar Dragons, Psycho Slashers
Thag, Ugha, Gronk
McKay, Gibbco, Orchler
Biff Slamkovich, El Stingray, Mike Haggar

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