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'Pervy Sage'
Real name of the Nidaime Hokage
Known as the copycat ninja
'The Legendary Sucker'
The 9-tailed demon
Sound Ninja who uses Genjutsu
Youngest member of the Uchiha clan
Member of Sound Four who uses Doton
Always has a bag of potato chips with him
The father of Team 9's leader
Has an IQ of over 200
Real name of the Shodai Hokage
The 1-tailed demon
Uses the sword Samehada
Controls sand
Sasuke's brother
Member of Team 10 who controls bugs
Name means 'dolphin'
Can only use Taijutsu
Has a crush on Naruto
Youngest member of the Inuzuka clan
Wears an orange jumpsuit
Known as the Yellow Flash
Member of Team 7 with pink hair
Sound Ninja who fights with bones
Spider-like Sound ninja
Leader of Team 10
Orochimaru's 2nd in command
Genin who is a weapons master
The demon of the Hidden Mist Village
Leader of the Sound Village
A genin from the branch family of the Hyuuga clan
Asuma's nephew
Uses a fan to fight
Likes Sasuke, has long blond hair
Fights with puppets
Team 9's leader
Sound ninja with a twin
Leader of Team Gai
Zabuza's Apprentice

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