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Can you name the LOST episodes in which these endings occur?

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Daniel is shot dead by his own mother
Jin has found the Others....apparently
Ben is NOT Henry Gale
Juliet appears to detonate a hydrogen bomb
Ben wakes up to see the man he killed staring at him
Sayid is working with Ben
'You're gonna' die Charlie'
Ben tells Jack that if he helps him, he will personally take him home
Sun spots Desmond's sailboat during a funeral
Michael returns from his vacation with the Others
Locke realizes the Others have imprisoned his father
Dude, that's not Penny. She knows Des's name though
Daniel returns to the island
Charlotte collapses in a bloody mess
Jack and Juliet are ferried from Hydra Island to the main Island
Jin meets Danielle...and both are alive
If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant
Michael shoots Ana Lucia and Libby
Kate, damnit, RUN!
Sayid tells Locke to take him to the hatch
If we can't live together, then we're gonna' die alone
Sawyer realizes that he has met Jack's dad, Christian
Locke and Boone discover something in the ground
Charlie meets Bonnie and Greta
'Sleep tight, Charles'
Sayid shoots kid Ben
Juliet also wants to leave the island
Jack is playing American Football with the Others
Boone 'let's go' of Shannon
Jack asks Ana Lucia how long it would take to train an army
Locke was in a wheelchair before the island
Hurley, Jack and Kate see Jin for the first time in 3 years
Juliet has joined the Losties...or has she?
Locke is apparently going to kill Jacob
Des and Pen are off to Oxford
Locke was in a coffin
Libby is in the mental institute watching Hurley
Shannon is fatally shot by Ana Lucia
Kate and Jack meet at LAX in a flash-forward
Sawyer tells Charlie he's not a good person
Jack and Locke look down into the hatch
Daniel arrives on the island
Sayid sees a cat
Kate is raising Aaron off island
The Monster lets Ben live
The tail-enders meet the middle part survivors on the beach
Charlie kicks drugs...for a bit
Sayid hears the whispers
Locke identifies Ben as 'the man who killed me'
Ben shoots Locke and leaves him in the mass grave
Hurley realizes Desmond can see the future
'He wasn't on the plane'
'He said..you're next'
Charlie has a stash of statues
Rousseau bows out
Sawyer sees Jack, Kate and Hurley again after 3 years
Kate plays with a toy airplane
Why do you find it so easy? It's never been easy!
The Hatch lights up on Locke
Penny's buddies may have found the island

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